Allergy Testing and Allergy Treatments

Animals that scratch, bite, chew at their skin, or rub their face may be experiencing allergies.  Red inflamed skin and hair loss are common signs of allergic dermatitis.

We Offer many options to control the itchy problems your pet may have.

  • Always try to avoid the allergens in the environment
  • Special medicated shampoos may help control symptoms
  • Steroids or anti-histamines may be used to control some itching
  • Special diets may be used (those with limited antigen)
  • In more severe cases prescription drugs such as Atopica or Apoquel may be recommended
  • In other cases immunotherapy with allergy injections is the best option

At Winrock Animal Clinic we offer allergy testing via blood tests.  The blood is collected and sent to the Heska Corporation for testing.  The antigen used to treat each pet has been specifically formulated to meet that pet's needs based on individual testing results.  Find out more about Heska at  To find out more about allergy testing at our clinic, simply call the appointment desk.
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