Canine Health Alert:  Sago Palm Toxicity

Did you know that a sago palm is toxic to your pet?  It is so toxic that the prognosis following ingestion is usually POOR.  Hundreds of dogs die from eating this poisonous plant each year, most because their owners are unaware of the severity of the toxin, cycasin.  The pets that do survive are almost always caught in the act of ingesting the plant, rushed to the veterinarian, and made to vomit prior to the toxin being fully absorbed.

Once the toxin starts causing symptoms, it can be difficult to treat.  The initial signs develop about 12 hours after ingestion and include vomiting, anorexia, and abdominal pain.  These symptoms are followed by acute liver failure.

It is the cascading events of liver failure that typically result in death.  A significant drop in blood protein and an inability to clot are two of the biggest problems.  Your veterinarian may try to correct these with blood and plasma transfusions.  Other treatments include drugs to control nausea, pain medications, and IV fluids.

My best advice to any pet owner with this plant in their yard…..REMOVE IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Common Name:  Sago Palm
Species Name:  Cycas revolute
Toxic Parts:  Seeds (mostly), Root ball, all parts of the plant
Toxic Substance:  Cycasin

Signs and Symptoms of Ingestion: 
                vomiting, anorexia, abdominal pain, ascites,                                 icterus, bruising, nose bleeds, bloody diarrhea
Treatment:  Seek veterinary care as soon as possible
    Induce Vomiting and Give Activated Charcoal
    Supportive and Symptomatic Care

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Don't leave any part of this plant in your is all poisonous!
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Sago Palm